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What is tff Consulting?

We are an independent management consulting boutique firm with executive vocation, that provide high-impact business solutions to our clients grounded on...

  • a comprehensive understanding of their business
  • the integration of their strategic, organisational and managerial perspectives
  • a practical approach and commitment to implementation

The firm's mission is to help boost our clients' business profitably and sustainably. Our objective is to be their trusted consultants and advisors.

We have different types of clients from diverse sectors, prevailing medium-to-large sized entities of local and international origin and/or operations.

Based in Barcelona, we provide our services in any part of Spain and abroad.

Business strategy, organisation and management integration
How do we differ from other boutique type management consulting firms?
Picture of Joan Fradera Alonso
The essence of our firm (and indeed the origin of its name) is our genuine vocation to contribute decisively to the solid success of our clients' companies.
Managing Partner

We provide professional services around the principles and characteristics contained in our value wheel©:

value wheel©
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The consistent over time application of this approach reinforced with continuous pursuit of excellence leads us, and it is a privilege for us, to build trusted consultant and advisor relationships with our clients (see testimonials and referrals).

For more detail, we suggest reading the our approach and services sections.

How do we contribute to our clients' business?

  1. We conceive solutions that provide tangible and sustainable results to our clients

    • We understand the key and unique aspects of our clients' business and organisation from the inside of their companies, analysing the nature of the problem or opportunity in depth and close cooperation.
    • We explore alternatives in a creative way and assess them rigorously.
    • We provide an independent and respectful recommendation, reasoned on the basis of the measures' impact, the real possibilities of the company and the risks that may be undertaken.
  2. We accompany our clients during the implementation process

    With the objective of assuring that the change initiatives come to life and their full potential is captured, when the client so wishes, we advise, foster and directly engage in their business transformation process.

    The contribution in implementation focuses in our areas of expertise and provided this does not put into question the independence of judgment in the recommendations we have made or may make in the future.

  3. We provide continuous advice

    As our clients' trusted consultants, it is extremely satisfying when they entrust us to monitor their business and to contribute to its governance, either as board advisors or independent external members.

For more details, we suggest reading the services and industries sections.